Twig Lattice Fence

Make a Diagonal Lattice Fence from Twigs and Branches

Make a unique twig lattice fence by either pre-building panels and inserting them into spaced fence posts, or using the two wire method of fence building.

Twig Lattice Fence flanking a rustic garden arch

Then the lattice is built by attaching the diagonally crossing twigs to both wires. See the page on Wire Techniques for Crafts for some tips on how to recycle wire for this project.

See the pages on Twig Picket Fences and Twig Palisade Fences for some ideas of how to install the two horizontal wires. For twig lattice fences, instead of being upright, the twigs are place diagonally, and are attached together where they cross on the top and bottom wires.

For a more sturdy and less flexible option, nail or wire the pieces where they cross over each other.  The thicker the branches, the more abuse it will take.

You can also make twig lattice fences in panels, using larger branches to make a square or rectangular frame, with the smaller twigs attached diagonally.

This is a great technique to use to add some height to an existing fence.

Use the same measurements to make your lattice panels as the original fence, or split the measurement in two and make more than one twig lattice panel for each length.

A picture tells a thousand words – here is a picture essay on how to build a twig lattice panel:

Assembling the materials - twigs...Assembling the twigs
...test the layout of the structural partsThe layout of the frames
Cut the diagonal twigs into lengthsCutting the diagonals
Get the spacing right on the diagonals...Spacing the diagonals...
...nail them in place......and nailing them in place
...and wired in place...and finally, wiring the panel in place.

All twig fences are short lived - with care, they might last several years, so don't expect these to take the place of a more solid fence made of materials like treated wood or metal. 

The beauty of them is in their ephemeral nature.  Once they show too much weathering, or start to break down, build another one to take its place!

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