Wood Burning Patterns

Mandala Designs for Pyrography

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Starting the wood burning hobby gets your juices flowing and you look for wood burning patterns – only to find none.

Your wood burning art fizzles out.

Wood Burning Patterns

Here are some great wood burning patterns that will get you going again.

Pyrography, the wood burning art, can take a unique and different design to the next level.

The rustic look can be developed by the finishes you use on your project.

Finding free wood burning patterns on the internet to develop with your own slant can be as simple as looking for rustic clipart, or buy the Mandala coloring pages and get some free wood burning patterns with each purchase.

Mandala designs are used for wood burning patterns for their simplicity – each shape can be copied with pyrography tools, which are like tiny branding irons which come in different shapes and sizes, from circles, to ovals, rectangles, triangles and straight lines.

Wood Burning Patterns

Curves and different angled pieces are available too.

If you’re really into a challenge, a simple soldering iron can be used free hand, but this is a little trickier until you get more experience.

Wood burning designs are best kept simple, repetitive and neatly done.

Almost any geometrical design can be used for a wood burning pattern, transferred onto your flat wooden item carefully by tracing over it with a soft pencil, then turning it over and tracing it again with a sharper pencil. The pattern is seen in a faint design that you can follow with your soldering iron or other pyrography tool.

Take your time, especially starting out with your wood burning hobby. Use a scrap piece of wood to practice on, until you get the hang of the length of time to keep the iron on the wood, and how hard to press.

Keeping the iron perfectly perpendicular to the wood is a skill that takes some practice, so don’t expect to be an expert at first. 

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