Earth Day

Recycle, Reuse and Renovate...

Using junk is a great way to show the earth we love her; keeping trash out of the landfill and in our gardens as innovative garden art is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.


If you're already a junquer, making great garden art out of things that others throw away, you have a head start. 

I've been intrigued with this form of recycling for years, long before it became the thing to do, and I've been trying to save the earth single handedly ever since.

Now, you can do your part and love the results. Check out the crafts below for more; click on the pictures;

Make a Mason Bee House out of scraps of lumber, salvaged from the burn pile.  Encourage the solitary bees to stick around in your garden by giving them somewhere safe to raise their young;

Find out more about Mason Bee Houses...

Celebrate the bounty of nature with a twig wreath, the more rustic, the better;

Rustic Twig Wreath - show your love of Mother Nature...

Terracotta fairy gardens are all the rage; take something that would otherwise go in the trash, and refurbish it into something totally unique and wonderful;

Terracotta pots don't have to be thrown in the trash...

Old T-Shirts can be recycled too; find out how I take t-shirts from the thrift store (or your own pre-loved ones that still have some life in them) and make them into a Hillbilly dress;

Make a Hillbilly Dress or two...

Rustic punny signs can be a great way to recycle scraps of lumber too;

Paint a rustic Garden Sign...

Twig handles combine natural materials with simple wooden boxes and make them into something completely unique and unusual; take your rustic crafts to the next level;

Rustic and wiggly twigs make perfect handles...

Tin cans quite often end up in the landfill; don't let that happen to yours.  Finding ways to recycle outside the box;

Tin Can Planters...

There are a few Earth Day projects that can make you feel good about helping to save the planet; I plan on finding a few ways to enjoy and celebrate mother earth that won't break the bank, and will keep that trash where it belongs - in your garden.

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