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Unique Wreath Making Ideas

Need some inspiration and encouragement?

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Here's some for you; wreaths are simple and effective and so easy to make.  I'll bet you have some natural or salvaged materials right in front of you ready to make a wreath out of.

Unique Wreath Making Ideas

Think outside the box and get creative.

I've made wreaths out of all kinds of things; grapevines, twigs of every description, even antlers.

Weedy Wreaths are made from any long and flexible type of plant, weed or not. 

Choose whatever your garden supplies in abundance. 

I make these with a base of wire, in a circle and the weeds twined around it, or tied in place.

Weedy Wreaths

Weedy Wreath

Twig wreaths are the next step up; I've got several favorite twigs that grow close by and always need a trim.  You'll see some of the best twigs for crafts here.

Choose from any kind of twig that is long and whippy and won't snap under the pressure for the base - any type of Salix (willow) works well for this, then wrap shorter and more textured twigs like Shepherdia canadensis around that.  Experiment!

Twig Wreath

Twig Wreath with Birds Nest

Looking around the salvage pile or along old fence lines can yield a goldmine of barbed wire; I was lucky enough to find my barbed wire wreath ready made; your experience may vary.

Barbed Wire Wreath

Barbed Wire Wreath

Wanting something even more rustic?  How about this rustic garden wreath, using found twigs and leaves from my garden and on my daily walk.

Rustic Twiggy Garden Wreath

Dried flowers or herbs from the garden make a textured and subtle wreath for a door; use marjoram or golden oregano, different species of thyme and other fragrant herbs and flowers that will emit a delightful summery scent, even in the middle of winter.

See more about an Herbal Wreath...

Herbal Wreath with Sage, Thyme and Marjoram

And who says wreaths need to be round?  Hearts are one of my favorite shapes - this twiggy wreath decorates the shutters of the Mercantile shed.

Here are more, on other sites that have kindly consented to let me put their images on; a beautiful succulent wreath made of no other than panty hose for a spectacular craft;

Panty Hose Succulent Wreath

Thanks to Drought Smart Plants

Find out How to Make a Grapevine Wreath at Garden Therapy...

Learn how to make a grapevine wreath at Garden Therapy

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